Wednesday, April 25, 2012

They Will Take My Island

by Sam Cheuk

The vehicule of my youth, the ride I nostalge
a '97 Prelude. In our gangbang burba,
treatised by the geo proxim of our fathers,
we feign school by day, full moon by night,
when we become men in clubs should we find
one wrong staredown our way, Hulkic strength
in numbers, empath later the red-white mess
we left on some sidewalk raw as a fetus,

to remind us the human too in us.
Survival: the cuse we told ourselves, survival
is what our fathers survived. As for us?
Kali Our Heavenly Father, Kali the Reprooped,
"Dumbshits" or wev equiv our fathers' tongues,
 your new world we break us out and open into.